Empowering others to act

The Challenge

Many change efforts fail due to insufficient attention to this principle and the result is the stalling of a change effort at the beginning stages of its implementation. Empowering action is critical to the success of any change effort because the ties in an organisation to maintaining the status quo are very strong. Over time, organisational procedures, systems and structures were established to support the status quo. Also – reward systems, performance measurements, employee performance and organisational skill development have all supported the status quo. Given these dynamics, senior leadership’s communication efforts alone are insufficient to make significant change lasting in the organisation.

The Approach

Empowering others to act should be seen as removing barriers to those whom you want to assist in pushing your change effort. Removing obstacles should inspire, promote optimism and build confidence in the workforce to make change happen. Empowered workers who then feel a strong sense of ownership for their organisation translate this ownership into a concern for providing better levels of service. Change programmes that consider employee empowerment improve outcomes and service levels – by empowering employees to remove obstacles, take ownership of their jobs and delivery sustainable change.


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