Communicate the message

The Challenge

The best laid plans are only as good as the institution’s ability to understand, adopt, and act on them. Too often, change leaders make the mistake of believing that others understand the issues, feel the need to change, and see the new direction as clearly as they do.

The Approach

The best change programmes reinforce core messages through regular, timely advice that is both inspirational and actionable. Communication is both outbound and inbound. It should be targeted so as to provide employees the right information at the right time, to solicit their input and feedback and to check in on their emotional response to what they’ve heard. Change programmes often require over-communication through multiple, redundant channels. However, communication must be timed, co-ordinated, consistent and personal. The best change leaders speak from the heart and convey a deep sense of personal commitment. They tell a consistent story and view telling the story as a key responsibility in the change process.


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